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About ads

Last updated March 12, 2023


We monetize activity in our mobile app through advertising campaigns and affiliate links. Some of this links may earn ARBOOX a commission when you click on them.

Why this ad?

ARBOOX does not use any targeted advertisement networks; as a result, every user in our mobile app gets to see the same advertisements (not at the same time but instead in a shuffled order).

Collected information

ARBOOX does not collect any information from your activity in any of our products or elsewhere to provide targeted advertisements. However, our third-parties or advertising partners may collect information or track your activity when you click on an advertisement or use their services.

Report an advertisement

If you consider an advertisement may be inappropiate for you or other community members, you can report an advertisement anytime at

Your privacy

Learn more about our privacy practices and policies here

Contact information

If you'd like to ask us any question or share comments on our advertisements or privacy policy, please write us at